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Version 37

Okay, I admit it. The versioning system has gone a bit screwy, but I’ve made so many changes in the closed playlets group over the last month I lost track of the numbering. In order to provide a bit more context to the major changes in this release, I’m posting a blog post here. I might take this down after a while, or not… who can say. Continue reading “Version 37”

She cannae take anymore, Captain!

In a game of massive spaceships duking it out, an obvious element to include is some from of damage mechanic, with the ships suffering problems as they get smashed up, and some kind of repair mechanic, where the brave and overworked engineers can patch her back together in the heat of the battle. These elements would be thematic and cinematic, and provide an ebb and flow to the performance of each ship that would surely create more interesting tactical choices.

To spoil the conclusion: they don’t, and I won’t be including them. Here’s why. Continue reading “She cannae take anymore, Captain!”