Podcast Interviews

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a few podcasts recently about A Billion Suns, and here’s some links to the interviews.

Rule of Carnage

I have my own podcast, called RULE OF CARNAGE, with Glenn Ford. Find it on Youtube.

Man Battlestations (#81, 2 May 2023)

For episode 81, Andy has managed to secure an interview from Mr. Mike Hutchinson himself, the designer behind A Billion Suns from Osprey Publishing. Over the course of their discussion, Andy and Mike discuss the development of ABS, what lies ahead for the game, and what projects Mike is working on at present. Those new projects include a fantasy battles game he is Kickstarting, as well as a world-first announcement of a new naval game!

Tabletop Talk – Third Floor Wars #146 (4 November 2021)

Join Craig as he talks with Mike about the origins and process of creating his games. How did the innovative and elegant Gaslands and Billion Suns come into existence? Grab your matchbox cars and spaceship toys!

Paint All The Minis (#201, 19 February 2021)

In this episode I speak to Mike Hutchinson the author of the immensely popular Gaslands vehicular combat racing game and also, release over the last week, A Billion Suns. I wont talk too much about it here, as we do this in the show. But if it sounds interesting to you then great, if not then, hey no drama, it’s just fun talking to Mike about stuff and things.

Cast Dice (#111, 9 February 2021)

We are very excited to speak with the author of the incredibly popular game Gaslands, Mike Hutchinson, about his newest fleet combat game, A Billion Suns.

Tabletop Dropouts (3 February 2021)

In This episode Mike Hutchison of Osprey and Planet Smasher Games joins us to talk about A Billion Suns! His new Space Fleet battle game is Spess. If you are looking for a space fleet battle game, or you lamented the death of BFG. This episode is a good one.

Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020 (27 September 2020)

Mike and Glenn chat about Mike’s new fleet battle game, A Billion Suns.